Friday, April 5, 2013

Review Of Petronela Ungureanu's debut, LOST IN THE SEVEN WORLDS

  Are you on the train to work? Or perhaps on the bus between stops? If so, pick up LOST IN THE SEVEN WORLDS…you won’t be disappointed. Petronela Ungureanu’s debut work is a beautifully crafted tale that follows a nameless young woman as she adapts to her new life in a place she knows only as the world of the Daevas. At nineteen, the earthling has been their “prisoner “ for 3 long years and can’t fathom why. Although she’s treated with compassion, she longs for a companion – someone who will explain the necessity of her situation…and someone to love.  She finds that someone in the form of a “fallen Daeva”, Lord Idris.
     From the first word of this captivating romance to the last, Ungureanu paints a multi-hued palate of a world where possibilities exist that are outside our realm of experience. Her words, literary and lyrical, will draw you into the seven worlds as her heroine battles isolation, sorrow, and confusion…until her newfound love gives her hope for the future. 
     Don’t underestimate this story or assume that it’s run-of –the –mill…the shocking twist at the end will leave you breathless - and wanting more from Petronela Ungureanu.  I wholeheartedly recommend LOST IN THE SEVEN WORLDS to readers of all ages and genders. It’s one great read!

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