Saturday, April 6, 2013

Review of BEYOND THE RED DOOR by E.H.James

Author E.H. James has delivered a solid four star read with BEYOND THE RED DOOR.
The story opens with Jesse Miller and his buddy Steadman planning a party in a spooky old house – a house that just happens to be the scene of two grizzly episodes of murder. Excited about their pending graduation, their vulnerability to harm doesn’t occur to them, even when Jesse begins to see dead people on the eve of the event.
With snappy dialog that’s punctuated by humor, this story moves along quickly. I like the good-natured camaraderie that James develops between the characters, particularly Miller and his best friend Steadman. They sound and act like the high school students they are - at the top of their game and superior to the peripheral adults in every way! Although the plot is somewhat predictable, it’s the bumps along the way that give BEYOND a character of its own – the squabble that Jesse has with his girlfriend and his accident in gym class. The solution that the author has devised to undo the unleashed evil is very clever as well!
If you’re a lover of paranormal horror, BEYOND THE RED DOOR is a definite “Read!!”. I highly recommend this story.

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